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Article Title: Whatever Happened To Music Ministry? A hard hitting editorial by Mike Rimmer
Author of reported comment: David Paul
Comment Date: 20:42 on Apr 21 2009
Comment: Hi, I'm the Company Director of an independent Christian record label called 12tribe records. I'm stating that initially so that like Dave of Risen Records you'll know my bias in expressing my view but hopefully see through that in the point I'm making and not see this comment as an advert. I'd like to raise the thought that this issue isn't necessarily something to be directed at mainstream artists and why they are letting us down as Christians, but I think that fails to look at the problem from our own point of influence - what can we do to change this?. In Mike's comments he says, in relation to modern worship phenomenon, that to him " it's all starting to sound the same" but that's a phenomenon that is fuelled by the CCM 'industry'. The rally cry for originality and spirituality cannot be made for Christian music when it's set against the reality that so much of Christian radio is glutted by music with diluted Christian content because it supposedly appeals to a wider audience of listener. So that's not just a failure of mainstream Christian artists, it's a failure that can be levelled at any who place commercial success above Christ-centred purpose. To ask for a new wave of music and a new style places responsibility on Christian media to be receptive to new and different sounds, but because of the commercial clout, and sales prowess, of many larger Christian and non-Christian music labels this style isn't necessarily sought out it's defined - marketed.
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