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Article Title: Whatever Happened To Music Ministry? A hard hitting editorial by Mike Rimmer
Author of reported comment: David Paul
Comment Date: 20:48 on Apr 21 2009
Comment: In closing I will get to my personal umbrage. In Mike's article I agree full heartedly with his comment "I am calling for a revolution! It is time for artists to rediscover what true music ministry can be. I am looking for God to raise up artists who are not worship leaders or mainstream acts but whose passion is to see their fellow believers come alive in God. An artist like that would have to be biblically literate and spiritually mature. Away from the music, they would be a disciple and capable of discipling others...". I read this comment and my heart falls because, in the same month this article is posted on Cross Rhythms, an artist that belongs to the 12tribe records' label 'the Anselm' who as individuals tick all those boxes are slighted, I believe, unfairly for their music. Please join in this debate at and Why? because we're staggered as an organisation as to the logic of an album being awarded 9/10 by one reviewer and then 3 years after the fact being downgraded by another reviewer who didn't like the 2nd album. Who is the voice of CCM? - we want you to decide for yourselves about this release - from tomorrow we'll be posting some tracks in their entirety on our site - so it's not a marketing gimmick as there's no obligation to buy just listen if you will please to full track samples -
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