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Article Title: Whatever Happened To Music Ministry? A hard hitting editorial by Mike Rimmer
Author of reported comment: John
Comment Date: 20:58 on Apr 21 2009
Comment: You speak truth, but few people within the walls of the church really want to know the truth let alone hear the truth. What you spoke about regarding the music and the industry can also be said for most in the church and how they operate at school, work and amongst those who do not know Christ. Their lives are just as watered down as the music and the industry. Most Pastors today deliver a warped and watered-down message of the real Gospel, they are more concerned about the fads or the numbers and unfortunately in most churches the pastor is not the real pastor, but the Elders and Board of Directors and large donors are running things. I have counseled so many pastors that are saturated in fear of losing their jobs if they really preached what they wanted to preach or if they confronted all the sin around them within the walls of their own church. To sum it up, that is why a small minority of those in the world are interested in what we have. The church for the most part is a watered-down version of Jesus and his church and what the disciples had to sacrifice to be disciples. For the most part the church does not look much different than the world. It is said that we should not go on sinning so that grace may increase, but the message of most churches is that you can keep doing what you have always done and at the end of the journey you are going to inherit everything without sacrificing anything.
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