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Article Title: Whatever Happened To Music Ministry? A hard hitting editorial by Mike Rimmer
Author of reported comment: James Faddes
Comment Date: 21:00 on May 4 2009
Comment: I initially think, 'nice article Mike!' But then I think: 'what about persevering prophets, worshippers and ministers like Allan McKinlay, Michael Harcus, TBWNN, Brian Houston, Martyn Joseph)? I am naming only a few of my personal favourites, but they don't play for accolades; and if their value was determined by how many review boxes CR - or the church! - gave them, they would probably have given up long ago. So, your editorial is the kind of thing I would have expected to hear from the Cross Rhythms Festival platform 10 years ago (I would travel 500 miles every summer with a minibus/convoy of aficionados just to be part of something that was genuinely grass roots and spiritually focused). At that time I would have applauded CR's integrity, and its right to critique. The CR festival served both as an amazing live platform for emerging musicianaries, encouraging and supporting them in what is effectively a blessedly poor ministry; and it also challenged Christians to avoid the bless-me, bless-me club approach to music ministry. I remember Chris Cole exhorting CR festival goers not to come for another Christian holiday. He also cautioned against the risk of entertaining ourselves to death. I am gutted that Cross Rhythms doesn't come across anymore as a champion of the small-town prophets and firey worshippers. Unfortunately he last Cross Rhythms festival wound up in 2001 or I would still be going. (continued in next post)...
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