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Article Title: Secular Albums - Christian Reviewers 3
Author of reported comment: Oscar
Comment Date: 20:06 on May 5 2009
Comment: Ed: it's possible to read something the ideology of which you dislike in order to gain an idea of the mindset of an opposing viewpoint, something which is usually very helpful in civilised debate. As for me, I disagree with several points here. For example, the "liberal Christian magazine" (never read Third Way except for maybe a very interesting interview with Thom Yorke, so I can't really comment on whether the tagging is correct; also, "liberal" is right-wing on a world scale nowadays) went on to say, "I feel distinctly icky at some of the, um, frankness and the amount of swearing? Come on love! You’ve proved you can sing and you can write great songs. Can we sprinkle the F word a little less often? No? Ah well… I guess I’ll keep jigging along and just sing LA LA LA at the rude bits." I dunno, maybe he just has a different sense of humour. I have to admit to being a fan of the Dead Kennedys, sort of. Their music's not too interesting (although incredibly influential), but their lyrics can be fantastically biting. I have to agree that "Religious Vomit" is not an example of their bitingness; it's pathetic by their usual standards (their cover of "I Fought the Law" is an incredibly witty indictment of Dan White). "Nazi Punks" is actually very relevant to the punk/skinhead culture of the time, so I have less of a problem. And I don't like swearing in lyrics either, but really, profanity is not regarded so much as immature (language is organic and hence descriptivist, so the general population's idea of how a word is used becomes true), and it's somewhat appropriate for the vitriol which the Dead Kennedys unleash. (I don't like vitriol either, to be honest.) I can't believe I just wrote all that...
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