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Article Title: Darwin Hobbs: Free to sing gospel and free to speak of childhood sexual abuse
Author of reported comment: ACABA
Comment Date: 16:50 on Jun 7 2009
Comment: Wow..I just had a moment. Thanks to your reading above, I see I'm not alone. I too was violated at a young age by the hands of a cousin who had multiply personalilty. My mother was a drug addict who gave me up at a young age. I have lived hiding this secret for many years. I became addicted to sex. I felt that this was the way to having a man love me and they did but only for a moment. I've made many bad choices throughout my life and that was the consequences of not caring. It's always been easier not to care then to face the pain and fears. I've been very angry with my mother who now has past 10yrs. I had to bury her without having the opportunity to tell her how much pain she had caused me. I still to this day suffer at the hands of my fear to let this go. I feel that because of her choices I had to endured this pain of being violated and not having anyone comfort that pain. I've read your story above and felt the need to tell you that I thank you. This is the first time that I'm telling my story and even though there is so much more to tell this is a good start. I'm happy that I'm sharing this with someone who can relate to what I have been feeling for over 30 years now. I'm looking for God. I pray to him for almost anything but haven't prayed for him to help me forgive so that I can move on. Through your testimony I see that I have to give this pain to him and pray for him to help me forgive so that I can be a better person....Just like you I too finally want to break my silence. God Bless you and may he continue to give you your strength....
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