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Article Title: Straight Talker (remastered)
Author of reported comment: Phil Williams
Comment Date: 15:20 on Jun 15 2009
Comment: Well, well - I heard about this from my brother in Philladelphia - yep still got a bunch of these albums in my attic! I think I still have the original test pressing somewhere? Good to see Derek, Pauls, and Alan's comments - Having played with both 'old format and the new style metal / post punk format of the band I have to say this has certainly brought back some memories and a smile to face! Several members of Amaziah went on to have careers in the music industry; Jez Coad (as already mentioned), Ken Watts (Rhythm Guitar) - went on to look after George Michael and still does to this day. Andy May (Road Crew) went on as a sound engineer and is still doing Front of House sound for Status Quo. (I met up with him last year when producing Quo events). As for me, I'm still in the business (currently no longer playing drums due to arthritis) but producing festivals, tours and events and running Ultimate International Ltd. - Lighting for New Wine North after Glastonbury next I believe. Maybe we should arrange a reunion some day! Be great to catch up and see if we can all still play! - I still go to Bristol occasionally as my mother is still living there (and she's been to hear Paul preach) - and she is still asking me when I'm going to get a real job! - HE IS LORD - Pass it On!
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