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Article Title: Carried Through the Storm
Author of reported comment: V Felty
Comment Date: 05:31 on Oct 15 2009
Comment: How do I begin Jeremy? I had been out of church so long.My son & his wife had lost one baby. Pregnant with another,they started going to Church On The Rock. My husband & I began to go soon after.This pregnancy began to go wrong. Everything we could do to save this baby was what mattered. I began to listen to K-Love & it was like everytime I turned the radio on,"There Will Be A Day" would be playing...That became my song...My daughter-in-law was admitted to UK Medical Center for complete bed rest to await the birth of this baby.During this timeI heard you & your wifes baby's heartbeat had stopped...i feel on my knee's & prayed for you . We had been through that.I hope God gave you peace, i know it hurts so bad.At27 wks. UK delivered our precious aliyah weighing 1lb.2 oz. God gave us 53 days with her, as much as we wanted to keep her, we knew we had to let her go. She was so sick.So today we said Goodbye to her with a beautiful service in remembrance of her 53 days with us. At the end, we played your song,"There Will Be A Day"I hope someday you will read this & think about coming to our church to honor our precious baby who went to soon
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