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Article Title: Clubbing
Author of reported comment: R
Comment Date: 07:36 on Oct 15 2009
Comment: This is a shot in the dark because I'm think this thread is pretty much closed. So, professed Catholic I be ... serving in truth and charity the homeless and the poorest in the poor (the unborn) in the heart of Canada's jungle city. I'm biased through my history. So, I say liquid funk's cool, I remember when Space Invaderz remix came out ... but ... if anyone cares ... the true sounds of jungle has always been when jungle and drum and bass were not one and the same ... when the Amen's were really cut up and rough. Can't see how that coincides with Christian culture, but heh, the thread's here ... so might as well put in my last penny. All I can say is if people want to do choons like those, then go an make some conscious positive raggae (not ragga but raggae) jungle ... I'd say. There's an excellent Jewish rapper Matisyahu who brings his traditions message to youth: And not do not forget my brother, Father Stan Fortuna of the Franciscans of the Renewal whose got this awesome influence with urban Catholic youth in NY. There's others ... but these guys are gold. ez, Joy, Peace, Love, and Unity in Christ, Richard
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