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Article Title: Anthony Evans: Black Singer Goes White Pop
Author of reported comment: Sola
Comment Date: 15:28 on Oct 24 2009
Comment: Got the "letting go" album from a friend and believe me, it felt like it was saying for me all I wanted to say to God! Long & short, I loved it! Tend to play it when I can't quite find the words to say to God sometimes. Also love the comment in the interview bout white pop by a black man! :-) I must say I was surprised as well by what I heard expecting the generic gospel/R&B type songs you tend to get from a black artists but more why I loved it! Though black myself, I've never really been a core "gospel" sound person and I identify with 'Tony' cos I also grew up listening to MWS, Amy Grant, Petra, DC talk & co alongside regular gospel songs and actually veer more towards the CCM: P&W/pop/rock category than gosple so this album really connected with me. Anthony Evans is a gifted singer and minister and if the quality and lyrics of the song are anything to go by and its effect on people like me who've been "church" people all their lives and its taken a while to get into the reality of God (his grace/love & co), he should know that he has achieved what he set out to do as he said in the last paragraph of the interview (preaching to the converted is the way to go sometimes!). God bless!
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