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Article Title: More Hillsong Criticism
Author of reported comment: Tomi
Comment Date: 14:14 on Nov 20 2009
Comment: We call ourselves Christian yet where is the Love? That's how Jesus says He knows we are His, not the absence of sin, but the presence of LOVE. John 13:34-35 The "greatest" commandments right from the mouth of Jesus is LOVE God and LOVE others!!! Matthew 22:36-40. All the commandments that warn us of sin are wrapped up in the command to LOVE. Romans 13:8-10 The fruits of God's Holy Spirit in us, first is LOVE... Galatians 5:22-23 Read any version you want, it is no coincidence that it starts with Love! (Now this may just be my opinion) The devil's legacy is sin... but God's legacy is LOVE. The Gospel or Good News is about God’s power to save us Romans 1:16. It is through His grace (undeserved favour) that we are saved, not what by we do (or don’t do) Ephesians 2:8-9. And He saves us because of LOVE. It’s the reason God gave his Son and Jesus gave his life for us. Yes, He hates sin but He sent Jesus not to judge but to save us because "He so LOVED" us. John 3:16-17. Let’s be careful not to condemn other believers, because Jesus does not condemn them Romans 12:1, and He doesn’t want us to Romans 14: 10-13. We have been given different gifts and roles to play in the body of Christ, so there are bound to be differences in the way things are done in churches; evangelical or pentecostal or whatever, we are still one, united in Christ. Romans 12:4-8 Your liver has a different function to your kidney and therefore does things differently, but both function to keep you alive. Same with churches, the methods may be different but the message is still the same: Jesus saves! People of God, lets us show love and honour each other Romans 12:10, the devil doesn’t need any help in tearing us apart.
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