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Article Title: Edges: Civil Disobedience
Author of reported comment: jack smit
Comment Date: 05:47 on Nov 22 2009
Comment: 1) I am someone who often speak out against injustice/wrongs etc. When I see an abled person park on a disabled parking, I feel it is my responsibility, as christian and human being, to tell such a person that he is doing wrong. Then christians sayto me I should not, because it is not my bussiness. When the government increases electicity with 45% should we protest? When I resist the instructions of a boss who is incompetent/unfair/unreasonable is that pride/rebellion? Should I simply obey and do what I know is not the best way of doing the job? 2) Many christians teach that we should not focus on right and wrong, because that makes us legalistic. They say we should focus on relationships and not rules. I have a problem to understand this reasoning, because in my opinion, relationships are buidt on rules. Rules/regulations are the building blocks of relationships. What we say/do are either right/wrong or pos/neg or good/evil etc. Relationships are therefore buildt by obeying the rules/regulations of a home/society/country, unless the rule is injust/unfair. ( Mal, can you perhaps give me answers on these remarks, because I believe in rules as the guide to live by, although keeping rules cannot save us. I only saw this program today, 22/10/2009 on our christian network in South Africa.) Please write to me on my email adress. Thank you.
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