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Article Title: Mystery
Author of reported comment: Chris
Comment Date: 01:15 on Dec 4 2009
Comment: I am a 37 year old guy that saw you perform at a youth fellowship event in Michigan in the early eighties. After CD's came into vogue my LP's went into a box. For over twenty years my copy of DAUNTLESS has been in my parents attic. I recently picked up the box of LP's and went out and bought a USB turntable so I could copy my old records to my computer. With all of the choices at my disposal the first one I put on was Dauntless. I hadent heard these songs in almost 25 years! Sounds pretty good, too...I think you should remaster it and re-release it. Solid stuff. Thanks for the memories. Favorite tracks: Deep Magic, Givers and Takers, The Road Forever, Champion. All great guitar songs. From your writing style I would guess you're a fan of Neil Young, Billy Joel, Jeff Lynne (ELO), Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles. Am I close on any of these? I am also a musician and I hear multiple influences in your music from that period. I like it a lot. I think I'm going to grab my guitar and play along!
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