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Article Title: Fixing Barbie
Author of reported comment: Kate
Comment Date: 00:59 on Feb 10 2010
Comment: I think to truly grasp the beauty of this album you need to have some relation to the issues she confronts, perhaps you're lucky enough not to? Far from teenage angst Michaela is confronting stereotypes, challenging mass thought imposed by the media and expressing pain and joy through sheer honesty and soul baring. Her album is based solely on experience and her experiences are not uncommon. She's not making herself into some sort of black victim, but giving the victim (who has no race) a voice. I think you're missing the point which is a very clever one, so it's understandable. To become a parody of herself Michaela would have to lack self assurance and confidence, which on listening to the album I'm sure you're clever enough to gather that she does not. The ''patois'' (I actually laughed out loud at you) keeps the album relate-able and sets the foundation of where the album tracks grew from. With lyrics that pierce you to your very soul and melodies that ease the pain of being confronted with life's truths, fixing barbie, for me, and I'm sure MANY others is flawless. If anyone was put off by this review, please try it for yourself and I invite you (the author of this review) to attend one of Michaela's concerts to see the album ALIVE.
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