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Article Title: Fixing Barbie
Author of reported comment: icie
Comment Date: 12:42 on Feb 14 2010
Comment: Its such a shame when those who are so far removed from the context in which art is created speak from such a pious pedastal. Maybe in your 'cushion-like NEVERLAND'.... grown up issues do not come to knock on your door. Michaela is not a Overzealous Christian Activist seeking to shove Jesus down the throat of anyone that comes near her with cliched statements that would have no PERSONAL conviction...NO!...MICHAELA is a creative movement that tells REAL LIFE tales as she observes and sees life through Christocentric rose tinted glasses. You claim to wonder if she'll be a star-WHOEVER SAID THAT WAS HER MAIN FOCUS IN LIFE! Is that what your organisation promotes as the focus and drive for creative art? I do wonder if you spent time to talk or email the artist of this masterpiece album ?..because if you did it would have given you better scope to write rather than throwing together abunch of big words and making snap judgmental remarks that have no true foundation to stand on. Michaela didnt ask me or anyone who has replied to write this , these replies come from true EXPERIENCE of in their entirety , you cannot separate ARTIST from person ...BEFORE YOU REVIEW anybody's album in the future seek to understand the context it was created in and the times WE CURRENTLY EXIST IN!!!!
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