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Article Title: Randy Stonehill: The Jesus music veteran on the Fallen Angel movie and his latest music
Author of reported comment: Kevin Wayne
Comment Date: 01:19 on Mar 8 2010
Comment: " I believe the grace of Christ abounds in truth..." Truth is what's established as fact. Failing a DNA test, Daniel's relationship to Larry is not established (the fact that the Norman's haven't given one up doesn't establish it either, fyi.) Neither is the insinuation that LN had self-serving motivations for his trying to make things right with RS- that should never have even been in the film w/o any evidence. Neither should several other insinuations made in the film. Question for some provocation of thought: Where in the Bible does it re-hash a man's sins that weren’t public knowledge to begin with? I don't think you can find any, since a lot of the King's history was taken from other sources (ex: "The Book Of Wars") I bet if we really give it some thought, there's no real Biblical justification for this movie. Journalistically, it avoids talking to anyone who knew Larry the last several years of it's life. so it fails that test as well. Every time Randy opens his mouth, I think of his insensitive comments right after Larry's death. Others who by no means would deny his humanity, think Randy was unprofessional in his involving himself in al of this. The Grace of Christ doesn’t abound in Truth. It abounds in forgiveness, and that is done by God’s putting them as far as the East is from the West. If you really have forgiven someone, is there ever a need to bring it up again? IFfthe parties involved need closure, I suggest professional counseling.
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