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Article Title: If You Knew The Power Of The Dark Side!
Author of reported comment: Rev. Dr. R.M. Franci
Comment Date: 15:56 on May 1 2010
Comment: From what I have read here most of you sound quite young, and inexperienced at spiritual warfare. You have not yet even begun to experience the power of the dark side shall we say. Christians throw around statements like putting on the armor of God. As though just because you read it the armor is to magically appear on you and you are set for battle. Not so. And as for being proyecyed by the blood of the lamb. It doesn't happen just because it says so. You have to believe in it absolutly for it to become so. I write of these things because I still se to many young Christians defeated for this very reason. A lack of wisdom and underestanding of the how, of what they are reading really works. There is still veery much for you to learn.
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