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Article Title: Along The Road
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 18:17 on May 29 2010
Comment: I have this cd in my huge ccm collection; I luv it!! From start to finish, every song carries its own trademark. The opening # "Angels" was a great starter song for the cd; Christine sings the lead so angelic. The next # with lead vocals by Susan "Song of Reconciliation" is superb in its tapestry of words; and then Margaret sings lead on the 3rd track "No Other", a reminder of the first of all commandments. "Taking my Time" was the first song I heard play on ccm radio from this cd; I luved it from the first time on. One of my top faves from the cd is the last song on the cd, "Along the Road"; written by pop singer icon,Dan Fogelberg. Their vers. of the song is not far in sound from Dan's recording in 1979; Margaret does a fantastic job on lead vocals for the song. I must add, that I do not agree with writer Trevor Kirk's assessment, that "Angels" and "Near to You" are the only pop style songs on the cd; maybe he hasn't listened to much ccm since he was a new believer at the time. I shared this cd with 2 non-believers, they now have the cd also; I will admit that "Angels" made a good impression. As they say, GOD works in mysterious ways. My best friend likes the whole cd, he likes the vocal sounds of all 3. Singer/songwriter/musician Wayne Kirkpatrick did a superb production; hats off to Wayne! GOD Bless!-Don
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