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Article Title: Focusfest
Author of reported comment: Pamela HILL
Comment Date: 09:56 on Jun 13 2010
Comment: I have returned from focusfest 2010 & for the first time ever I'm not sure if I will ever go to another one. Beth Redman was an inspiration & my spirit certainly was in agreement with hers. Christine Caine was different. I was uncomfortable, with her treatment of the gospel of my lovely Saviour. She called herself a holy spirit terrorist. I suggest you look up the meaning of terrorist in the dictionary. She made reference to her own books with pride but read from the Holy Scriptures with an offhand remark about pleasing some people. On both occasions I saw her lift the Bible then toss it back on the lecturn. She criticised people who wanted to go deeper in the scriptures. There were other things I wasn't happy with. While her doctrine was sound her delivery, her attitude & her off hand way left me feeling upset & angry. She said dont bother writing to her as she wouldn't read it anyway.The Word tells us if a brother sins go to him if necessary take others with you. Well this is impossible when the one in error is arrogant. I know satan doesn't give us big unbelievable lies but little ones surrounded by truth. It is like a fish seeing a big juicy worm & swallowing it only to be caught on a hook which is impossible to remove without damage. This is what I felt about Christine's message. I will be praying for her but I doubt she would be interested in knowing that. Other people were upset & left early. What a disappointment. Bring back people who read from the word & preach Jesus. Pamela Hill
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