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Article Title: Jillian
Author of reported comment: Shanelle Rainwater
Comment Date: 18:01 on Jun 22 2010
Comment: Hi jillian, My name is Shanelle. I Have your book and your CD. I have had them im possesion since the day I was born. My father actually gave them to me. I am Jon's daughter; Your brother. I read your book over and over as well as listen to your CD. I am not sure if you actually read this but I have been trying to get ahold of you for years now. I would like to meet you in person or even just talk to you. Your book more than anything has inspired me and helped through a lot of tough times. I would just like to thank you at the very least. i hope you are doing well and that one day ill hear from you. -- Shanelle A. Rainwater
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