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Article Title: Shine...The Hits Special Edition
Author of reported comment: Heidi Hogan
Comment Date: 23:59 on Jul 6 2010
Comment: On a road trip 2 weeks ago taking our daughter to Flagstaff AZ. for her new job at The Museum of Northern AZ., my husband and I were leaving Lincoln Nebraska, heading through the Rockies. I woke up in the hotel room and a song was playing over and over in my head. I wasn't paying too much attention but the chorus kept playing and it was getting louder. I hadn't heard the song in years, didn't even know who the artist was. I started going through all the Christian CD'S in the car and finally discovered the artist and the song on a Wowhits 2005; it was your song More. We had traveled though the desert, now the mountains, seen amazing sights and as we were going through the Rockies I sensed God playing me your song, just for me. I haven't listened to this song in years! I can't begin to tell you the impact your song had on me during this trip. We serve an unbelievablely sensative God to go to all this trouble just to let me know how truly loved I am by my Creator. Thank you for being the tool He used to speak to me in such a special way.
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