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Article Title: If Guitars Could Speak
Author of reported comment: Jim Drew
Comment Date: 02:10 on Jul 12 2010
Comment: This CD carries simple voice and acoustic guitar versions of a bunch of new songs as well as a few previously recorded. I had been doing a lot of solo gigs and folks kept asking for ways to bring the songs home the same way they heard them in these solo concerts so I just sat down in the studio and played and recorded. I had also spent time in Nashville meeting a publisher and working on ideas but discovering some family roots as my dad had been a huge old timey country musician. I never really leaned that far but some of the songs on this CD do touch some of that feel, perhaps the most prominent one being "This Old Guitar" which is my family history, or a part of it, and I used the student classical guitar I had gotten when I was four, which is explained in the song. Some of my beloved acoustic rock and life and even a love song for my wife which I wrote while stuck in a hotel on my 25th anniversary and Christmas with no income, down in Nashville. (they said it would be easy for a northerner to find a job there but that was not my experience). A special CD and I love these songs and hope you do as well. Jim
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