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Article Title: Why Christian Broadcasting is Difficult in This Country
Author of reported comment: Barry Gowland
Comment Date: 15:15 on Jul 12 2010
Comment: Jean in Kent mentioned FM/AM/MW. She didin't refer to the short wavebands. I can recall seeing them being part of the radio spectrum available on almost any domestic radio, and they can cross frontiers with more ease than the internet. Today radios with shortwave reception capabiliy are virtually unobtainable. Has there been any change, unknown to us, in the assignment of the radio spectrum? Or have we all been taken in by this noise about the supposed better quality of digital broadcasting? In any case, the standard officially chosen for the UK, viz. DAB, is not the best anyway, said to be surpassed by DAB+, adopted by other countries. Another problem, if I understood the relevant Hansard correctly, lies in the problem of copywright. It seems you have get two licences to play any pre-recorded music, viz a Performing Rights(PRS) Licence amd a PPL licence - and in a debate complaints were made of the extorionate character of PPL, which had what were called "injunctive powers", could recover its legal costs in an action against you, whereas if you won an action against them you weren't entitled to a penny in costs from them! And then there is the spirit of the age. One complaint can shut down a long-established business, while the loudest expressions of support for it mean nothing. Even common sense is dismissed as out of court. At the back of it all is the unconverted heart of the natural man, too proud to acknowledge his total dependence on the grace of God
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