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Article Title: Miracles & Angels
Author of reported comment: Bill McKelvie
Comment Date: 20:10 on Aug 28 2010
Comment: And IN this very year, 70 years on. 2 days before the Anniversary of the start of the MIRACLE OF DUNKIRK May 26th - The Ash cloud incident dissipates. A lot of people come home by boat. For the first time since the 2nd World War we have a Coallition government. God is reminding this generation I am the God of your Fathers and I am the same yesterday and forever. Dr Clifford Hill is leading a prayer Spiritual Battle of Britain You can join WILL IT BE SAID OF THIS GENERATION +>> SO MUCH OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW. <<+ AS IT SAYS IN ISAIAH 51:5 THE ISLES SHALL WAIT UPON ME AND ON MINE ARM SHALL THEY TRUST I BELIEVE IT WILL!!!!
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