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Article Title: Sir David Attenborough - "Why I Don't Mention God"
Author of reported comment: Josh
Comment Date: 22:09 on Sep 6 2010
Comment: Well balanced, its balanced only if you look at it through eyes which want to believe. For example, 'However, it is worth noting that atheism offers us no explanation for the presence of evil in the world' If the author is referring to social / moral evil, then self preservation is an obvious answer, an attribute well associated with natural selection, and one which shows obvious self sustainability and hence survival within the 'gene pool' all of which is easily explained by Darwinism. So there is one explanation right off the top of my head that atheism 'offers' ( concludes ) for evil. If referring to natural evil such as volcanoes, tsunamis ect. Why must you presume that an 'evil' force must be behind these natural disasters, why not merely that the universe is still behaving as it always has and 'following' the laws of physics. Example, inside a volcano shifts in density and or flow in the sub mantle magma caused by differing convection currents or otherwise may cause pressure to build up with a chamber in the volcano, with an increase in pressure comes an increase on the strain exerted upon the volcano, hence eruption. I am aware that that is a very rough explanation, the point i am trying to get across here is cause and affect, some internal facter changes causing other things to change ending up in an eruption, and then pompay was berried causes much suffering. Evil? no just unfortunate cause and effect. So atheism does not offer 'no explanation for the presence of evil in the world' it merely points out that ( in the case of natural evil ) that a superstitious explanation is not necessary, stop blaming things on unknown scary forces of evil and start thinking things through for your self. There is a world out there, broaden your horizons. 'or any hope for the eventual redemption...' Why do you feel some sort of 'entitlement' for mass salvation? We are an egotistical species, guard against it, it will cloud your judgement.
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