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Article Title: Amy Grant: Divorce, Healing And The Old, Old, Hymns
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 12:21 on Sep 27 2010
Comment: Hi Sheena, First off, many "so-called" christians would have a problem with Amy's mistakes; it has happened before!! Many "so-called" christians believe that their lives are perfect, and that they do no wrong!! Secondly, Sheena it would appear that you do not read enough of Amy's articles, or see enough of her interviews. The fact is that, Amy has taken great responsibility for her actions! Both Amy and her first husband Gary Chapman sought counseling; it was even stated, and heard in news that shortly after divorce filings, they reconciled for a short time. Amy is far from self centered, and would never say "it's all about me". I saw an interview during the release time of 2002 Hymns cd; Amy stated that, it was never her that had it altogether, IT WAS GOD!! Listen to her song from 2003 cd "Simple Things", it is called "Out in the Open"; I believe this is one her personal testimonies to what GOD has done for her through it all!!And, if Amy would have wanted to take the easy way out, she would have divorced long before 1999. Please, do not be so quick to judge, unless you have ALL the facts! There isn't any one of us who really knows how deep, and far and wide GOD's mercy and love flows for mankind; because if we did know, we would stop the finger pointing, and leave it in GOD's hands. GOD's mercies are NEW every morning, and He is READY to forgive!!!
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