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Article Title: Alice Cooper: The shock rock pioneer speaks about his Christian faith
Author of reported comment: Carolyn B.
Comment Date: 05:20 on Sep 30 2010
Comment: I am totally fascinated with the life and testimony of Alice Cooper. I think he probably has one of the most unique testimonies as can be used very powerfully to reach the world in many ways. He has commented in an interview that he is "low on the totem pole" as a Christian but I think it takes a special gifting to be able to have lived the life he has lived then continuing on in his character with a changed message for the world to see. It takes a massive amount of strength to walk his walk in the limelight with all peer / industry pressure going against what he now stands for. The very fact he is vocal and unapologetic about it signifies a quiet strength. He is someone that I would love to meet in person one day, however, better yet the day we will both meet in Heaven. I can't wait to see just how many people he will bring along with him! You will know a tree by its fruit and Alice has definitely produced orchards of it. So, rock on Alice... and keep running the race set before you!
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