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Article Title: Hip-Hop Crisis
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Comment Date: 04:39 on Oct 8 2010
Comment: My dear brother .......First thing... I up hold you as being the best christian rapper in the business, not just as a rapper but as a minister in your life and in your music ,I love the fact that when I hear your music, I dont just hear rymes, I hear the teachings and the word of GOD, keeping it real in every album , nobody wants to hear about bling ,bling and fancy cars ,...... gimme something real , like things we deal on this battle field ,giving me something I can stay sharpen with , I can appreciate that. Brotha this is not a hip hop crisis, this is the part in your life where GOD prunes you so you can bare bigger and better fruit, GOD told peter to cast his net into the deep again after peter had been out there all night , peter did it but he was prideful with it , and even peter knew it , GOD was exposeing some things in peter he didnt know was there, and when it was all said and done GOD said you will fisherman of men, when you come back you will only be better than you was before, brotha ALL THINGS are working together for your good, ALL THINGS , ALL THINGS!!! I got you lifted up , love you to life . william penn,
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