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Author of reported comment: Jonathan James
Comment Date: 18:37 on Nov 7 2010
Comment: Your review gives this CD 6/10 - are you having a laugh?!! As the year draws to a close - surely (as always) the latest Hillsong Live CD is one of the year's best releases. The review makes some fair points but, as with so many of the other reviews on here, it lacks objectivity - I assume Hillsong is not 'cool' in your circles? Have you wondered why Hillsong consistently sell bucket loads of records? It's because it's some of the best modern worship out there. It's not a faultless - tis true. And they've released better. But there's at least 6 excellent songs here & most modern worship song loving Christian would be proud to have this in their collection. BTW - the DVD version of 'Believe' is slightly different to the CD version & quite an improvement. If you're in any doubt, make sure you get the DVD too!! This is a great product so ignore the 6/10 - it's at least 8!
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