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Article Title: Blame It On The One I Love!
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 17:58 on Nov 22 2010
Comment: I just recently received email from Kelly; it was so nice hearing from her; she has such a kind and sweet aire about her. I have been playing this vinyl album today; and enjoying it immensely! I have been noting the background singers on the songs also; they are Bryan Duncan (member of Sweet Comfort Band at the time), and Michele Zarges(IS THIS THE CCM LADY WE KNOW AS MICHELE PILLAR? SHE SOUNDS LIKE HER A LOT! DOES ANYONE KNOW?). I just love the title song tremendously!; and Kelly does all the vocals for the song too! The "Cares Chorus" I just luv; oh how beautiful a song. "Dad Song" I connect with, another wonderful song, thank you Kelly. Bob Bennett wrote and sings on "YOU'RE Welcome Here", a much noteworthy song. Drummer Keith Edwards has played for Amy Grant recording sessions and concerts as well. The lyrics to the last song on side 2 of the album "Heart's Prayer", are written at the top of the back cover. I luv "Oh, Gentle Love" also, another song of beauty; nice background vocals. This is truly a collector's lp to have for pioneers of ccm. GOD Bless! -Don
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