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Article Title: Why Christian Broadcasting is Difficult in This Country
Author of reported comment: J Peter Wilson
Comment Date: 18:53 on Jan 14 2011
Comment: Since I wrote this original article many things have changed. By lobbing parliament in relation to both the Communications Act 2003 and the Digital Economy Act 2010 there is legislation now in place that has allowed Christian broadcasters to apply for DAB digital radio licences and also to safeguard the use of FM for local and community broadcasters. With DAB there are 22 national radio stations including 2 Christian stations – Premier Christian Radio & UCB UK – whereas with analogue radio (FM/LW/MW) there are only 8 national stations and none of those are Christian. By a combination of DAB and community FM stations Christian radio has finally arrived in the UK. If you want to read more I suggest that you go to the Christian Broadcasting Council (CBC) website at and click on the Ofcom tab at the top of the page. In December 2010 I put together a presentation for CBC titled – Is the future for Christian radio DAB or FM or both? J PETER WILSON - Broadcasting Consultant to CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING COUNCIL (CBC) - c/o HEART OF THE NATION BROADCASTING TEAM (HNBT) Direct Email: Occasional Website Blog: - For information about CBC visit: -
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