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Article Title: Fearful Symmetry
Author of reported comment: Matt
Comment Date: 11:05 on Apr 13 2011
Comment: I was quite surprised to see what Terry Taylor though of this album himself on the Daniel Amos webpage. I for once have to disagree with the great man and say that I find this album an amazing listen. Theres so much going on and its a real treat. Lyrically there are some very strong themes floating around in this one. Whether its the outright effects of sin in "A Sigh For You", The renewal of Baptism in "The Pool", the sad loss of a child, and yet the reigning hope of flying to God's embrace in "Sleep Silent Child" or the simple thankfulness and truth of "Beautiful One" There is so much to inspire and encourage, and so much to dwell upon. And the music here on this album is seriously on the funky rock side. Especially in "Moonlight" and "Shadowcatcher", those hooks are just so filleting, theyre like a hook through a fishes gizzurd! And the wonderful acoustic pop beauty of "Beautiful One" ends the album perfectly. Once again there are no letdown tracks, there are only real surprises. "Nverland Ballroom" makes you consider temptation fully and what its true effects are. And "Instruction Through Film" is a delight pick at the shaping of modern Christian beliefs, when compared to the truth of what God wants of our lives. The added touch of Crystal Lewis on some tracks too is a very welcome surprise, as I love Crystal Lewis. DA are a group that have not once dissapointed me in all the years I have known them. Their music is catchy, and FEARFUL SYMMETRY is one of the catchiest of the bunch. Its like the festival of Ghana for Alternative Christian music. Thanks DA for this treasured outting into the realms of serious funkabilly!
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