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Article Title: Love Song: Chuck Girard remembers his days with the pioneers of Christian rock
Author of reported comment: David Brayshaw
Comment Date: 23:50 on Apr 30 2011
Comment: I was saved on May 19, 1972 and was soon swept into the Jesus Movement by its alluring promises and anointed songs. Love Song played a big part in conveying the environment where I most felt the warm of God's presence. Today's Christian music is far too different, due in large part to the adoption of secular-like rythmns and ear-shattering volumes. The overall tempo, in the early days of my walk, was mellower and the words weren't covered over by loud-sounding secular-like accompaniment. I miss the old days. As a replacement, we now have what I term "mosh pit" worship services, all of which blast noise to those who now suffer with tinnitus and/or hearing loss. What a pathetic path the industry has taken.
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