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Article Title: Horrendous Disc
Author of reported comment: Matt
Comment Date: 14:09 on May 13 2011
Comment: Horrendous Disc marked a change in style and maybe tone for DA. They had produced two exceptional albums beforehand, but here they change country vibe for a full on rock and new wave assault! And the result is yet again another gem of a release. The nine tracks orginally produced for the album are all exceptional in their own way. I love You#19 has to be an anthem song doesnt it? The driving rock guitar and distinctive vocal delivery make this a particular standout. Hound of Heaven really begins those deeply probing and true to life songs that Terry has always had a gift of writing. Its a pure and honest matter of fact song along with brilliant arrangement to make its impact even deeper. Then to offset the harder tracks on the album we get the beautiful I Believe In You, one of those hauntingly lovely songs that also Terry has had a penchant for encluding on records just to make you cry in the middle of bouncing about! Horrendous Disc is a classic track, the message is truly raw and piercing like a blade right in the heart. This is another of those maybe a little too offensive tracks for everyday casual listeners. But its got an integrity and poignancy that hasnt deminished to this day. DA were definitely coming into their own with this classy record. It really is one of the finest rock albums of all time. Wit, honesty, power, thought, Insight are all rife through it as with each and every other DA album along their career. Oh by the way, Ive heard it mentioned that the Historical Archives Series version of this disc is awful. But its not all that bad at all, the reproduction is not bad at all. Its been brought to CD very well indeed. Well, Im grateful for it being on a CD at last even if it isnt the most sharp clean up job ever: the album is still timeless.
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