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Article Title: The Very Best Of Avalon: Testify To Love
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 13:59 on May 17 2011
Comment: This is the cd to have by this group if you do not have anything by them; a nice collection of their best! The first song that I heard by this group was the anthem "Testify to Love"; from their 2nd cd "A Maze of Grace" released in January of 1998: I have luved the song since the first time I heard it. This song is top notch ccm! Not long afterwards, Wynona Judd graced the tv screen performing the song on the popular tv series "Touched by an Angel". I also have the live concert video of the group performing the song; just luv it!! 3 New songs highlight this collection; great vocal harmonies are heard on every song. This is the year that CCM artist Greg Long, who was married to Janna Long (former member of long running group Truth) would join the group; replacing Michael Passons. One of the new songs "New Day" starts off the cd; a reminder for every believer that every day is a "new day" to begin again. "Give it Up" is totally ccm top material; great song! What believer cannot relate to the words of "Everything to me"; another new song, which is so beautifully recorded. "Adonai" is another well-crafted song from their 1998 cd; another song I love! There is a bonus Christmas song, which is kinda unusal to add to a "Best of";it is a song of beauty for Christmastime. GOD Bless! - Don
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