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Article Title: The Turning
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 13:00 on May 27 2011
Comment: This would be the year that Leslie would release 2 albums; this one and later "Recollection". The album was produced by her later to be husband T-Bone Burnett (whom she would be divorced from by 2004). I love the opening song for side 1 "River of Love" it was written by T-Bone: a great song for Leslie. Next follows the upbeat "Love is Not Lost" which would also make the "Recollection" lp to follow. "Libera Me" can be confusing at first; I was baffled at first until I found the meaning of the Latin word: it means to Deliver Me. "Carry You" I love this song; T-Bone's guitar is awesome! This is great ccm style! Even with its pop sound, "Down" connects with the listener. "Answers Don't Come Easy", how well we know these words; all we can do is wait. Another great song! The album ends with familiar words we have heard time and time again "GOD is Watching You"; a nice # to end the songlist:a reminder to leave with believers. THANK YOU LESLIE! The next year Leslie's career would boom away; she would star in the "Die Hard" movie opposite Bruce Willis" (and the follow up volumes as well). She would also change her name to Sam Phillips ( not to be confused with the late Elvis Presley's producer). I will always treasure her ccm songs; and to think she was only 21 at the time of her first solo release in 1983. GOD Bless! -Don
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