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Article Title: Mylon: We Believe
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 15:29 on May 27 2011
Comment: WOW! I wonder how many ccm Mylon listeners have heard this first solo gospel album? The familiar pop styled "Gospel Ship" starts off side 1; Mylon would re-record this for 1985 lp with Broken Heart. I love this song totally! The album features bgv's that are known in the pop field; to include Merrie Clayon who sang background on Carole King's top notch album "Tapestry": and not long afterwards this lp. This album is very 70's sounding, just listen to those bgv's you can tell: this band loves to jam! The nearly 5 minute "Sweet Peace Within" is quite an lp stand out #. I love "You're Still on His Mind". I really like the guitar strummin' "Pleasing Who, Pleasing You": "Contemplation" is a highly commendable song. If you listen enough, there is a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young sound heard throughout the album. During the early 70's it wasn't unusual for an album to contain a lengthy song; this lp has one, nearly 7 minutes of "Peace Begins Within". GOD Bless!-Don
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