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Article Title: For The Record
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 16:20 on May 30 2011
Comment: Nice collection of songs by a great songwriter/singer of top ccm songs. Except for the new song that starts off the 14 songset; all the songs on the cd are in chronological year order. I love the new song "Bought and Paid For"; a song about the blood, that we don't hear a lot of:thanks Bruce! "Driving Nails" is a powerful song!;the words really take hold of the listener. I have loved "Who Will Be JESUS" from the first time I heard it; a top favorite that cuts deep to the heart when I hear or sing it: it is needed in today's world!! I missed not seeing the radio fave "Elm Street" on this collection:one of all time fave songs by Bruce. There is nothing from "Speed of Light" cd released the year prior. "The Great Exchange" is among Bruce's finest cd releases! I'll never forget hearing "Sometimes Miracles Hide"; WHAT A SONG! I thought:great ccm lyrics! Top ccm Producer/singer/songwriter Brown Bannister co-wrote the wonderful "Walk On"; not too long after we would hear Ashton, Becker & Dente trio sing a pop upbeat of same title on their debut. I really like the cd live closer "Shadow & Light". GOD Bless!- Don
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