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Article Title: Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 17:17 on Jun 5 2011
Comment: WOW! another collection of works from a long time running ccm band since the mid 70's: This cd contains 3 decades of song . 2 songs from 1981 "Alarma" start off the cd list of songs:"Walls of Doubt" (a fave)and "Alarma". One of the oldies, but goodies happens to end up at the end of the 18 songset; a top fave "Ain't Gonna Fight It". The 1977 "Father's Arms" has that 70's sound attached to it;another fave. This band released an lp title of "Vox Humana" before pop icon Kenny Loggins released his same album title the year to follow:the top song "Sanctuary" is taken from that release. Nothing is heard from 1981 "Horrendous Disc" . I like "Broken Ladders". We heard top CCM artist Michael Card sing "Hound of Heaven" on his first lp release from 1981; this band records a live version of their own "Hound of Heaven"from 1982. I really like "Grace is the Smell of Rain" from '93. Another top favorite is the hint of 60's flavored "Soon" from 1986. Over 70 minutes of music are provided to be heard. GOD Bless! - Don
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