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Article Title: Poiema
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 18:02 on Jun 5 2011
Comment: As an avid listener to this long time CCM Vet of top ccm songs heard time and again on ccm radio airwaves, I did not pass the chance to buy this cd. Michael would release 2 projects this year; first in February , "Joy in the Journey/Greatest Hits" and then again with this release in November. The title is greek, it means"workmanship"; refer to the verse in Ephesians 2:10. I remember hearing the starter song "Poem of Your Life" play on ccm radio; this was the familiar sound of Michael's music: I just luv it! "The Things We Leave Behind" is another song that brings us that soothing sound of Michael, that we have come accustomed to: you can hear similarities of the song "Chorus of Faith". A Reprise usually is heard at the end of a songset; on this cd it is heard half way through of "Poem of Your Life". The liner notes for the instrumental "Lowden's Prayer" are touching:George Lowden had a heart of great faith and love the same. I really like the song "Hope". Remember the 70's ccm trio"Albrecht, Roley & Moore?; member Scott Roley is part of bgvs heard on the heart wrenching "The Greening of Belfast"; Michael plays the celtic harp on this song:it is wonderful!! Michael's grandfather is heard preaching before a tribute song, "For F.F.B."; it is a recording from April 1957 before Michael's birth:part of the sermon is heard again at the end of the song. A song for Michael's son Will follows and closes the cd songlist. This collection of songs is a nice welcomed addition for ccm listeners. GOD Bless the songs of Michael Card for all to hear! Thanks Michael! -Don
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