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Article Title: Tammy Trent: Living Through Personal Tragedy And Finding God's Healing
Author of reported comment: Rieta Eaton
Comment Date: 05:08 on Aug 19 2011
Comment: Today is Aug. 18, 2011.... I heard Tammy's story a few minutes ago on TBN. I shed tears through it all because 5 yrs. ago on Jan. 2nd coming up.... I lost my husband of a 39 year marriage to brain cancer. We had dated since I was 16, and he was 17 going to the same high school. He had no major symptoms. We went to Lexington, Ky. to our Dr. because of a pre-scheduled yearly physical.... not because of any symptoms of sickness. He worked half a day the day of that appointment. We found out with the 2nd CT Scan, that the cancer had started in his body, and had moved to also affect his brain. He was buried 4 months to the day of our being told CANCER. If I had not chosen to lean on God, our Father, I could not be in the place in my life , coping with great loss, but loving Jesus, where I am today. Tammy 's loss , and her testimony tonight was so real to me because I've been in that same saddness. God's love for us is so powerful and rescues each of us if we will look to HIM.
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