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Article Title: Noel Richards: Talks about stadium worship and the road to Berlin
Author of reported comment: chris watson
Comment Date: 08:30 on Sep 9 2011
Comment: We were not able to get to Berlin but myself my daughter my son and friends were all at Champion of the World at Wembley Stadium. I will never forget the lady in the pink dress who danced in a puddle in the goal area in her bare feet all day, the people from Norway and Finland who shared our food, and the birds flying in the lights of the stadium at 10.30 that night. So many wonderful people, so much love filled that Stadium, and the presence of God. We all waved our scarves with Champion of the world on them, and sang at the tops of our voices on the coach on the way home, and we were all on a high for weeks afterwards.... So many people became a christian that day even some of the security officers at the Stadium, and if I had one day that I could go back and re-live over again that would be the day.
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