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Article Title: The Spirit Of Rock And Soul: Numbers 451 to 460
Author of reported comment: Wolfgang
Comment Date: 17:48 on Oct 13 2011
Comment: I'm following this for years and I found a lot of great music with the help of Crossrhythms. Its great that you include old Gospel as well as rare Jesus Music. I like Bands like Phoenix Sunshine and Azitis a lot and also the Swan Silvertones and I remember that I listened a lot to the Mighty Clouds of Joy when I had a hard time in my life some years ago. I also like the song nr 463 from Chris Taylor. (Even if I'm quiet sure the man on the photo is the wrong Chris Taylor. There are two Chris Taylors within the christian musicscene) I remember that a long long time ago when Cross Rythms was a magazine that you could buy in your local christian bookshop, that in one magazine you did include a top ten of the alltime favourite albums of Tony Cummings and Mike Rimmer and other writers and reades. Maybe you could do this again. I think it would be very interesting.
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