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Article Title: It Took A Lamb
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 18:42 on Oct 21 2011
Comment: I like the above writer's comments, even though they fall somewhat short of what should be written. This has got to be one of the best worship cds for the 90's era; by mid June 1999 it is released for sale. I have been listening to the music of Geron & Becky Davis since the 80's; the world has been blessed for a good 3 decades. Geron & Becky's vocals are so rich in quality and are touched with a bit of Heaven as they are heard in song. Becky sings the title song so wonderful as only she could, her best for GOD : She also sings lead on "KING of Kings, LORD of Lords". Geron sings lead on "When Anyone Looks at Me", another song that high lights this cd. Randy Phillips is a guest on this wonderful worship recording: he sings lead for his penned "Holy is the LAMB"; Geron has additional words for the song. I really enjoyed seeing Randy on gospel station programs as worship leader: and when he sang with his top trio ccm group Phillips, Craig & Dean. Geron is a top notch song- writer; so many artists have recorded his GOD-sent songs: who could ever forget "Gentle Hands" by Truth, and the unforgettable "Holy Ground". GOD Bless Geron & Becky................-Don
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