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Article Title: The Word: Recapturing The Imagination
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 14:25 on Oct 24 2011
Comment: Michael never fails to appeal to the true believer; we are introduced to another collection of GOD-sent songs. The opening song "The Prophet" is amazing!: great song for the 90's ccm era: same with the follow -up hit "So Many Books". Michael recruits some top vocalists/musicians for this recording; Christine Dente (of duo Out of the Grey), gospel recording artist Trace Balin, and top songwriter Kip Raines( future drummer for pop band Little River Band 2004-05). Christine Dente's angelic vocals accent the songs " Recapture Me" & "The Kingdom". I love "Who Can Abide?"; it is for the here and now! I was always amazed at the story of how GOD made dry bones come to life; you did a swell job capturing it in song Michael, thank U! "Will You Not Listen" causes me to be still, while it speaks and wraps around my heart and soul; reminds me of Amy Grant's recording "Be Still My Soul". To bring it all to a perfect close, the songset ends with the touching piano of "I Will Bring You Home". The above writer's comments seems to fall short of what should've been written, for one of the top ccm artists of our time. Michael brings life and light to all the Bible Stories we have read and heard about for so long. We are so blessed by his gift of music. GOD Bless! -Don
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