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Article Title: Declaration
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 15:27 on Oct 24 2011
Comment: I had already seen the music video for cd opener, "Live Out Loud"; great chorus to the song to sing along with. Another song that I had seen the video clip for was "When Love Takes You In". I just totally, really like "Declaration of Dependence" great song!The story behind "No Greater Love" is incredible! If one delves into the background of chanting, especially in Ecuador, it is connected with Buddhism, i.e. it is worshipping another god other than the Great GOD Almighty! There is a man from Ecuador chanting at the end of"No Greater Love"; I have difficulty with this: Should this chanting be accepted? I love the title for the song "GOD Is GOD". The last 2 songs on the cd really give perspective. "Carry You to JESUS"; sometimes all we can do for someone is pray upon our knees. "SAVIOUR" will speak to the heart of every believer. Steven provides 13 new songs to hear; aside from the normal 10:nearly 1 hour of music. I took note that the above article is off base with Steven's ccm carreer years; with this recording it's been 15 years in ccm and not 10! I will add that the above review is too short on compliments;Steven is a top seller of great ccm. GOD Bless! -Don
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