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Article Title: Goodbye October
Author of reported comment: Don
Comment Date: 15:43 on Dec 4 2011
Comment: The follow up album to his remarkable debut the year prior; Adrian's songs are so inviting to listening ears. One thing the listener will note is, that the music is more joyful; the piano does not overtake. The opening song with prelude is a nice lengthy 7 minutes+. The now ancient (1937) "By the Waters of Babylon" is exceptionally done: about 20 years later another ccm group The Kry recorded the song. "Father, Saviour, LORD" is commendable; Ken Parr's flute playing really accents the song. The wonderful artwork of Eugene Press graces the cover and inside fold of the album; the birds flying away like the epitome of leaves flying from October trees. The lyrics to the opening prelude are written on the front cover and not the inside where the rest of song lyrics are found. Adrian's passionable vocals are so evident in title song that starts side 2. I really like the keyboards for "JESUS Is My Song". The very prayerful "And in the Morning" closes the songset; nice closer song. I am so glad that I have discovered Adrian's classic recordings of the 70's. GOD Bless!-Don
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