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Article Title: Jesus Music Reissue
Author of reported comment: Joshua Lear
Comment Date: 15:45 on Jan 26 2012
Comment: This music is some of the BEST music i have ever heard. one of the founding members of LCS Band, John Murray is my pastor and we are in music ministries together. He wrote, or God wrote through him, some of the best songs i have EVER heard. God is so greatly glorified in all this music. my favorite album is when LCS Band moved to New Jeresey and became the Living Sacrifice Band. the album is called "A Call to Brokeness". this progresive, amazing, and very strong instrumentaly and lyricaly album hits me so hard every single time i listen to it. my two favorite songs on that album wriiten by God through my pastor John Murray are Ezekiel 38&39, which is a very hard core and complex song. the other song is Armageddon. the third song i love is written by a man in the LCS Band. the song was greatly improved in "a Call to Brokeness", it's called "Marriage Supper of the Lamb." That song touches my life. every time i hear this album, God greatly touches me. you can buy the album on Praise the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. To Him be all glory, honor, and praise.
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