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Article Title: Dobie Gray: The "Drift Away" man on the "Last Train To Glory"
Author of reported comment: Robin Duner-Fenter
Comment Date: 18:34 on Jan 27 2012
Comment: Tony, I enjoyed reading the article on Dobie Gray, who was one of my all time favorite artists growing up. I had the privilege of meeting him when my stepfather, Frank Fenter, signed him to Capricorn Records in 1975 and, subsequently, was the man who negotiated with the South African Apartheid Government (having grew up in South Africa) to play in front of an integrated audience. In my efforts to insure my late father get into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, Dobie Grey wrote the following email to the powers of the committee, which made me very proud of him while also revealing to me what a gentleman Dobie Gray was! Sincerely, Rob Dear Senator Mullis, “I remember Frank as the man who, among his other noble deeds, made it possible for me to become the first Recording Artist to bring together and entertain multi-racial audiences in South Africa. Until his intervention, I was steadfast in declining offers to go there because of its laws of Apartheid. But Frank could be very persuasive, and he fought long and hard to accomplish that goal. I shall always be very grateful to him for that, because even today, my greatest following is still in South Africa. Aside from the attributes I mention above, Frank's contribution to the Music Industry is immeasurable. His legacy for that contribution is long-overdue its recognition. His induction to the GMHF should be a given, as he is regarded by those of us who had the good fortune of getting to know him, as one of the "Greats" in the business.” - Dobie Gray, Capricorn Artist
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