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Article Title: Living Sacrifice: Songs Of Living Faith
Author of reported comment: Matthias Winter
Comment Date: 09:43 on Mar 21 2012
Comment: Hi, I just tried to google the worship CD "Living Sacrifice - Songs of Living Faith" (your product code: 35518-18281). When I was younger I loved it so much and just rocovered my love for it. Unfortunately, the music is on a magnetic tape and the quality is ... awfull, hardly bearable, at least. So I am starting my search for a high quality recording. Preferably a CD. Do you have a idea from where I could get a CD with the original recordings. I hope, naming the product above we actually mean an album with these songs: I'm forgiven/The Greatest Thing/Lord and Father/Holy,Holy,Holy/Jesus we enthrone You/You are the King of Glory/I Love you Lord/The Lamb is worthy/The Lord is my Shepherd //// Living Sacrifice/Jesus You are Changing Me/Hallelujah My Father/The Truth the Life the Way/I want to praise the Lord/I'm Yours Lord/Mountain Top I would appreciate so much if you gave me ideas how to get a copy of the album. I would pay for it. Kind Regards, Matthias Winter
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